Optimized routines and hightly automated documentation with the MAIA Online Platform


Our platforms for documented informed consent are directly integrated with clinical IT systems. Currently these product packages are ready for instant deployment:

  • Anaesthesia (8 films)
  • Ophthalmology (4 films)
  • Endoscopy (4 films)
Currently in development:
  • Urology (10 films)
  • Gynecology (6 films)
  • Pediatric surgery (8 films)
  • Plastic and aesthetic surgery (5 films)
Patients receive a personal link to their informational media - on-time before their informed consent conversation in their clinic/practice. After logging in on the MAIA-platform, they can then consume all information about their upcoming treatment or examination, fill out their anamnesis and other questionnaires.
During the informed consent conversation, doctors will be presented with all data about the patients learning process in a very clear way. Using this data, the informed consent process can be easily adapted to every patients' individual knowledge level, saving valuable time. The platform on the backend documents all data fully automatically and without manual input required. The informed consent is being completed by optional personal notes and of course a (digital) signature, and finally the return of the complete documentation to the clinical IT system.


Many of our informational platforms and films do not need to be integrated into clinical systems. Their goal is to inform patients without the need to document the informed consent process. Your patients can watch these films on one of our dedicated web platforms, in the waiting area of your practice or on your website, where they can easily be integrated. Currently, we offer the following packages:

  • Vaccination (21 films)
  • Discharge information after birth (6 films, 15+ articles)

The right information at the right time

Any content can be distributed on demand, with pre-set and automated promotion dates. This enables you to remind your patients about upcoming vaccinations, aftercare or follow-up examinations and allows you to send the corresponding informational content all at once.

Verifiable success
Twice a year we send reports on the use of your films and provide information on measures that have contributed particularly well or particularly little to the successful dissemination of the information films. This "statistics service" is always included, regardless of the type and duration of the license.


Keeping in contact with patients after discharge
Vermitteln Sie Ihren Patient:innen auch nach der Behandlung/Operation in der Klinik/Praxis maßgeschneiderte Inhalte und sorgen Sie immer für die richtigen Informationen zur richtigen Zeit:

  • Deploy aftercare modules for any length of time
  • Convey informational content fully automated and always on schedule
  • Up-to-date content tailored specifically to your needs is also possible

Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROM)
Manage questionnaires for patient feedback effortlessly using the MAIA-platform.

  • Deploy media and aftercare questionnaires for any length of time
  • Coordinated timing with aftercare appointments
  • Available as a full-service package with our seasoned experts

Using these kinds of patient surveys, we can derive pinpoint measures and improvements. From the initial stay in the clinic to ongoing medical care. Keep in touch with your patients and see how they are doing a long time after their treatment - using your personalized MAIA platform.

Clinical Studies

Up to 86% of all medical studies fail due to an insufficient recruitment number of patients.* Bureaucratic errors are often to blame for the failure of recruitment, for example errors in informed consent explanations or documentation of consent. Getting the Informed Consent in retrospect is not always possible or involves extreme effort. Depending on the study, the recruitment phase takes up to 30% of the total duration of the study.
  • Specialized MAIA platforms for digital recruitment, informed consent and documentation
  • Completely digital workflow
  • Overview of case numbers, status, problems with consent explanations and recruitment, worldwide and always in real-time
Upon request, we will be at your side with our study experts for the entire handling of the study, as well as provide you with statistical evaluations and reports at the end of the recruitment process. So you can concentrate fully on medicine and your patients. *Source



Multimedial content creates a better understanding and better compliance within patients, thus supporting the healing process. We focus especially on easy (visual) language when creating our informational content and animations.
Patients inform themselves on our online informational platform - wherever they wand and however often they want. This way we get rid of processes in clinics that don't necessarily need to happen there and minimize unnecessary contact.



Administrative work usually takes up way too much time. Time that is then missing in patient conversations.
MAIA makes the time of the medical staff more useful while maintaining the same or better quality of treatment.

MAIA sums up the learning progress of all patients and thus supports the informed consent conversation, while manual documentation time is greatly reduced by automated routines.


All documentations can be digitally signed and handed over to the clinical IT system. The entire informed consent and documentational process can be done digitally.

Our automated analyses of every single informed consent procedure are used to improve internal processes. This creates added security for doctors and patients alike.


We invest 1 million euros in the future of medical documentation