Last week, Johannes had the chance to attend health.pioneers in Amsterdam.

While the event was noticeably not as well visited as the main Pioneers event in Vienna, the location, organization and most of the speakers were truly excellent.
Typical to any Pioneers event, we were given the chance to connect with many other startups from various medical fields, as well as meet old friends like Diagnosia and Symptoma.

Many great inventions and game changing improvements are being developed right now by brave young entrepreneurs in medicine. Still, there is not nearly enough focus on and funding in digital health startups, so let’s take the energy from great events such as health.pioneers and improve the ecosystem with ingenuity and diligence.

Oh, and a quick tip for Amsterdam newbies like Johannes: Don’t trust Google maps on the outskirts of Amsterdam, you might end up not taking a nice evening walk alongside a beautiful lake but instead bump into dead ending boardwalks, inaccessible forrest paths and complete darkness. Be smart and take a bike 😉