Costs of informed consent media

Patient education is currently a major cost factor. Depending on the language of the consent form, hospitals pay between EUR 0.20 and EUR 1.20 per individual usage license for a single informed consent form. In addition, there are printing costs and administrative costs, which are added, for example, in the subsequent digitization of the sheets. For each patient, an average of 2.3 consent forms is required per surgery, since in addition to the surgery itself, there is also a need for risk explanation and consent for anesthesia and other vital information regarding the surgery. The market leader in the print segment, who covers a large part of the market, also charges an update fee of EUR 10,000.00 per year and hospital, for the digital consent form library.
MAIA is also operating on a license model, but regardless of the language used. The price will be between EUR 0.20 and 0.25 per informed consent. There is no annual fee for the software and the costly installation into hospital IT systems is completely eliminated since MAIA is browser-based, with a browser interface that connects to almost all IT solutions currently on the market. Additionally, MAIA only costs a one-time setup fee, which is charged according to clinical requirements. In that setup, the platform is also adapted to the corporate design of the clinic. MAIA does not produce any subsequent digitization and printing costs since no paper is used.