Einträge von Johannes Allesch

Unclear information levels, impossible planning of ICE

Using the current standardized information pamphlets, informed consent explanations are hard to schedule. Patients hand in their anamnesis forms and information pamphlets when they come in to see their physician, giving them no time to plan ahead, look at their documents or to „triage“ patients according to the time their conversation might take. MAIA provides […]

Lack of time & alternatives

In a 2014 study, the British NHS identified 50% of a doctor’s time is spent on clinical documentation. Recent initiatives and approaches by informed consent media producers, to ease the pressure, are all digital. But those digital solutions are only slowly replacing paper forms. Currently ALL digital solutions for informed consent are struggling on the […]

Costs of informed consent media

Patient education is currently a major cost factor. Depending on the language of the consent form, hospitals pay between EUR 0.20 and EUR 1.20 per individual usage license for a single informed consent form. In addition, there are printing costs and administrative costs, which are added, for example, in the subsequent digitization of the sheets. […]