Puls4 Gamechanger – but is it?

The last few days were quite busy here at MAIA.tools!
First and foremost, Christoph and Johannes met on Sunday with Christoph (yes, another one)… and found our new lead programmer. He’s a database pro and basically an expert at all those important backbone things that us creative and business guys have no idea about. Welcome to the team!

On the next day we visited the 4gamechanger Festival hosted by Puls4. The monday was all about startups, so we thought it was the right venue for us. The exhibition was quite interesting with loads of startups many of whom we already knew from television. The rest of the festival was a bit heavy on the showbusiness side. Interviews and discussions were quite interesting, the finale was a live-version of 2Minuten2Millionen. The downside however was that the VIPs were on stage while all the startup talents were not. So you had to bump into an investor by chance, as there was no free access to the VIP areas.

Never the less we had a few interesting conversations and planned meetings with potential partners and investors. We will see how much this format really can do for the startup scene in general, especially compared to great initiatives like Capital on stage, Pioneers and the Austrian Superangels Club.